To keep operational costs down and offer low rates for accommodation and provision, our retreat center project was financed with own sources, private loans and only minor bank credits. 

Further possibilities to support and promote our project include:

• Donations (e.g. regular monthly deposits)
•. Retreat vouchers (gifts)
•. Private loans (interest rates in form of retreat vouchers)
At present, we have a new possibility to support, which is to help fund our renovation project:

Timeless wishes for the well being of others:
Donate 1‘111 Swiss Francs and have your favorite Mantra or heart´s desire printed to the new wooden facade of our main building – thus leaving your wish or message to future generations for at least 100 years.
Thanks to your Bodhisattva-Motivation and financial generosity we will turn our retreat center to a temple of wishes where people, surrounded and inspired by your wishes, can meditate and learn about liberating teachings. This is a genial opportunity to make yourself and others a fantastic gift and a contribution to the Buddhas getting a roof in Switzerland so future generations get access to timeless Buddha teachings and to expeditious diamondway methods. 

Further details:ögen-alle-wesen-glücklich-sein Jasmin Gottstein: +41 (0)43 355 02 14 oder +41 (0)55 611 55 88

Upcoming Events

  • 8th Karmapa Retreat with Steve James (in english)

    Thu-Sun, February 22-25: Explanations, questions and answers, meditations. Prior condition: ngöndro finished - begin thursday evening 20.15 h, end Sunday afternoon - entire retreat Fr. 70.– (without meals and accomodation) - lectures in english. Sat, Feb 24th, 20.15h: Steve James: lecture "Guru Yoga" – practice on the Lama - Fr. 12.– (lecture for everybody, also those who do not practice 8th Karmapa meditation yet. - host: Zürich center


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