Garden team

Thanks to the help of our friends from various cities and countries, our garden blossoms beautifully each year, it is like a miracle. Roland moved from Zurich to Bellevue in 2012 and since then takes responsibility of our large garden and forest. This work needs additional dedicated people. We welcome all garden fans to participate in one of our regular gardening weekends. Our garden team has potential to grow and is happy to welcome helping hands! 

A topic that is currently being revisited is the extension of the children’s playground, ideally using natural available resources. Your ideas and experience are most welcome.

Next "Garden Week":  June 22-27, 2015 - Helpers are welcome ! (working 5 days: meals and accomodation for free plus a weekend)

Upcoming Events

  • 8th Karmapa Retreat with Steve James (in english)

    Thu-Sun, February 22-25: Explanations, questions and answers, meditations. Prior condition: ngöndro finished - begin thursday evening 20.15 h, end Sunday afternoon - entire retreat Fr. 70.– (without meals and accomodation) - lectures in english. Sat, Feb 24th, 20.15h: Steve James: lecture "Guru Yoga" – practice on the Lama - Fr. 12.– (lecture for everybody, also those who do not practice 8th Karmapa meditation yet. - host: Zürich center


next garden week

June 22-27, 2015 registration under:

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