Re-constructions of "Amdo Dzong"

Building our future – together we will make it
At the “Swiss Vision” meeting in 2008, we broadly decided to go for an “as-well-as” solution concerning the future of the Swiss retreat center. This includes:”Meditation and courses, retreats and relationships, Dharma work and leisure, adults and kids”

To accommodate the above mentioned requirements, we worked with our common desire. – the aspiration to extend the Swiss Retreat Center giving Diamondway Buddhismn in Switzerland an even more stable home, ensure that future generations have the possibility to learn about the timeless values of Buddhismn and to meditate here in Amden. 

Inspired by the timeless architecture of Bhutanese “Dzongs” and their meaning as guarantor of Dharma, we call our project “Amdo Dzong”. 

In 2009, our vision expanded by the “Adlernest“ (translated: Eagle nest) project as some of our Dharma friends wish to realize the idea of a shared residential home. They are predominantly friends, who – after an active work life – would like to spend their time together in meaningful activities and engage for the Retreat Center 

The «Red Light Concept» or the quadrature of the circle 

Our “as-well-as” vision is quite a challenge for us and to accommodate the diversity of all of our desired activities, we have developed the “Red Light” concept. The basic idea is to spatially separate the active, noisy parts from the silent withdrawal zones used for lectures, meditation and retreats – so everyone feels comfortable.

Our financial credo: Money first!
We have established a rule for all our construction activities: We will start to build only when the money required has been collected. We will not undertake any mortgages to finance our project.
The following construction sites were or shall be financed by means of donations:

• Forest Retreat House – Extension of parking, renovation of the main building (Wirtschaftsgebäude)
• Connection wing – Extension of Gompa, extension of the wellness area.

The renovation of the main building shall be financed by means of operational profits, resp. internal provisions.
The «Adlernest» residential home shall be financed by their respective tenants.
The Amdo Dzong project will only be feasible if we all financially contribute and/or practically engage. The best way to support is by setting up a standing bank order and contributing a regular amount that is easy for you to afford.
The owner and principal of the Amden Retreat Center is our common Swiss Karma Kagyu Foundation.

Latest project planning

Upcoming measures, in principle, were defined at our “Swiss Vision” meeting and the subsequent “Mandala” meeting. 

We are currently in the planning phase, which is a dynamic process, and will give thorough consideration to all relevant aspects. We will take the time to give different points in the plan a fresh look and reflect accordingly.
Measures that eliminate existing deficiencies in the infrastructure and facilitate operational center procedures will be prioritized. Additionally, the concept must be approved before we go ahead with our large construction plans.

Amdo Dzong Planphase

2008 – Noise insulation Gompa
2009 – Extension Dharma Shop
2010 – Construction of Forest Retreat House
2011 – Provisional kids house
2012 – Extension of parking
2013 – Re-Construction of main building

2016 – New construction of adjoining wing, entrance hall, office and kids house
2018 – Extension of Gompa, construction of wellness area
2019 – “Adlernest” residential home
2020 – “Adlernest” residential home
2022 – Renovation and extension of main building  (Renovation main building is in process now!)

Upcoming Events

  • Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    April 19-22, 2018, starting with lecture in German on Thursday 20.15 in Näfels, "Lintharena". More information will be available starting January 11th on: Please not, that the retreat center in Amden is already fully booked during this time, there is no possibility for accommodation anymore. There is plenty of possibility in the hall of the "Lintharena" in Näfels.

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