Daily agenda

In principle, everyone can plan his or her own schedule. Only mealtimes and the16th Karmapa group meditation at 20.15 h (in case no lecture is planned) are fixed.

We depend on volunteer support which means everyone has to help for 1-2hours per day (in the kitchen, garden or with other tasks, based on skill and preference).

On weekends, various programs/courses with different teacher and schedules are held.
Approximately once a month, we have a retreat weekend at our center (Friday evening until Sunday afternoon). You may join the group meditation at no fixed time, doing your individual practice though.

Daily schedule:
08.00 h First meditation cycle*
08.30-10.00 h Breakfast
10.15 h Second meditation cycle* or lecture
12.30 h Lunch
15.00 h Third meditation cycle* or lecture
18.30 h Dinner
20.15 h Group meditation on the 16th Karmapa or lecture (Start of Dharma evenings on Friday and/or Saturday at 20.15 h)

Whenever possible, retreat weekends are hosted by one of our neighborhood centers

Upcoming Events

  • About Refuge & the Karma Kagyu Lineage, Weekend Course with Peter Gomez

    Aug 31st- Sept 2: Lectures held in english: Fri 20.15h, Sat 15.00h & 20.15h, Sun 10.15h (with translation if possible), common meditations: Sat 08.00 & 10.15h, Sun 14.30h (each lecture CHF 12, all weekend CHF 40 without meals and overnight) - host in Amden this weekend is the Lucerne Center


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