Dear Friends of Amden-Retreat  

Unfortunately the Swiss Franc has become the safe-haven currency of unsettled investors from the Euro area with the unfortunate result that Switzerland has become 20% more expensive for visitors from the Euro area.  

We want you to be able to visit Amden in the usual relaxed fashion without having to dig deeper into your pockets and thus we continue to offer our affordable friendship rates to all visitors from the Euro area.   We've had our friendship rates for three years now. They are fixed in EURO and are about 1,40 Francs to a EURO, meaning your EURO in Amden retreat is worth 1,40 CHF and not only about 1,00 like the current exchange rate. You'll profit from that for your accommodation, your meals and whenever you spend a lovely evening with us at the bar or at the comfortable fire-place.  

We are looking forward to your visit!  
Your Amden-Team

per night:

Double room with bathroom and balcony:
CHF 32.– / € 23,– per person
3 nights onwards CHF 28.– / € 20,–
11 nights onwards CHF 23.– / € 16,50
30 nights onwards CHF 17.– / € 12,50

Single supplement CHF 5.– / € 4.– per night


Bunk beds & camping
CHF 15.– / € 10,50
3 nights onwards CHF 13.– / € 9,50
11 nights onwards CHF 10.50 / € 7,50

Camping: CHF 10.– / € 7,50 per night


Kids sleeping in their parent’s room
6 years or under, free of charge
Up to 18 years CHF 5.– / € 3.50
Kids have a room of their own / or bunk bed: 50% of adult rates


Forest retreat house:

Double and single room rates apply
Supplement for use of the retreat house kitchen for self catering: CHF 10.– / € 7.50 per day


Visitor's tax:

Adults: CHF 2.40 per night
Kids (7-15 years): CHF 1.– per night



Full board CHF 30.– / € 22.–
Breakfast CHF 8.– / € 6.–
Lunch & Dinner CHF 11.– / € 8.– each
Kids: 6 years or under free of charge; 7-14 years 50% of adult rates; self-catering not possible



CHF 5.– per set of laundry (bed covers and sheets / bath towels) per person and stay
CHF 2.– per bunk bed and stay
Kids: 50% of adult rates

Note: You will help to ease the workload of our laundry service and also save costs if you bring your own bed covers, sheets and towels!


Meals, accommodation and purchases made at the Dharma Shop can be paid by credit card

Upcoming Events

  • Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    April 19-22, 2018, starting with lecture in German on Thursday 20.15 in Näfels, "Lintharena". More information will be available starting January 11th on: Please not, that the retreat center in Amden is already fully booked during this time, there is no possibility for accommodation anymore. There is plenty of possibility in the hall of the "Lintharena" in Näfels.


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