"Retreats should lead to experiencing imminent joy and enable us to better care for others with our body, speech and mind. To better thrive on increasingly precious time, a stay in one of our already existing enlightened fields is very beneficial. " Lama Ole Nydahl

By means of meditation, we learn to get to know our mind. Retreating for several days or even weeks gives us space to process current feelings or situations. Devoid of bustling activities, tranquility of mind and discernment evolve and may be profoundly experienced. Retreat experience and everyday life experience thus link together due to the Diamondway view. Duration and type of retreat is up to the individual. For less experienced people, open retreats consisting of two to four short meditation sessions a day may be the best option. 

Precondition for retreats in our center is the Buddhist Refuge and regular, longterm visits of one of our Diamondway Buddhism centers

Upcoming Events

  • Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    Swiss Course with Lama Ole Nydahl

    April 19-22, 2018, starting with lecture in German on Thursday 20.15 in Näfels, "Lintharena". More information will be available starting January 11th on: Please not, that the retreat center in Amden is already fully booked during this time, there is no possibility for accommodation anymore. There is plenty of possibility in the hall of the "Lintharena" in Näfels.


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