Construction team

Several years of construction, modification and renovation of the center has resulted in the formation of a good construction team. We have many friends from northern Germany (Berlin, Hamburg), south of Austria as well as Switzerland, who regularly or spontaneously support our on-site activities on a voluntary basis. Everyone is welcome to join us, for a day, a weekend, a week or longer. We are grateful for all help, be it professional e.g. floor or wood-work, sanitary facilities etc. Currently, we would be happy to find a carpenter, house-painter, electrician or other helping hands.

2013 is a year of great challenge as well as promise for our Retreat Center. An extensive renovation of our main building (façade and roof) is planned, which is our top priority. With optimism, enthusiasm, power and joy, we will spend 12 weeks (out of which three are construction phases) building. Beside we need to generate 250,000 CHF in donations. We will achieve this goal if many of our guests and Dharma friends engage in both i.e. building activities as well as the “Wish Campaign”, our fundraising idea to help make our project come true. The “Wish Campaign is a great opportunity for you to make your personal wish for all others)

Building challenge 2013
2013 is our big construction year. We plan to have 5 different construction phases. In 3 phases we will be able to bring in our own services, which means, we will be able to do a great share of the work by ourselves. 

"alpha" 2 - 13 April (deconstruction: 2 weeks)
"beta" 27 May – 21 June (reconstruction of facade and roof: 4 weeks)
"delta" 19 August – 22 September (weather boarding: 5 weeks)

From August 26 - September 22: Helping friends are still very welcome !

During these phase, we will reconstruct the the facade with wood full of whishes (see: "may all beeings be happy") and are grateful for all support. So please remember to contact us and help out! 

We will sweeten your support with free accommodation. If you help us for one week or longer, we will provide free accommodation and meals. Meditation, sauna and much fun with friends will complete your perfect working day. Not to forget, working together is a wonderful opportunity to make many strong personal ties with other Dharma friends on an individual as well as on the Sangha level. Maybe you want to come and help as a Sangha and experience how this can strengthen your Sangha ties. Centers like Berlin, Heidelberg, Kaliningrad and Stuttgart have already confirmed their help in the “beta” phase. Further centers are in discussion with us.
For more details, please check: or contact Jasmin Gottstein: +41 (0)43 355 02 14 or +41 (0)55 611 55 88

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Upcoming Events

  • About Refuge & the Karma Kagyu Lineage, Weekend Course with Peter Gomez

    Aug 31st- Sept 2: Lectures held in english: Fri 20.15h, Sat 15.00h & 20.15h, Sun 10.15h (with translation if possible), common meditations: Sat 08.00 & 10.15h, Sun 14.30h (each lecture CHF 12, all weekend CHF 40 without meals and overnight) - host in Amden this weekend is the Lucerne Center


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